Eat Food. Dream up Ideas.

For 12 months in 2018, we hosted an open potluck to brainstorm ways to make the Centre County a more vibrant and innovative place to call home. It was an amazing learning opportunity with the community!

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We began these Potluck Brainstorms as a chance to learn more about what our community cared about when it came to innovating the future of our town. In 12 months, we had more than 400 people attend an event (and cozy up in our home) and from those multiple conversations, we learned that there was a big hunger to have a dedicated space in town to further spur the Arts & Innovation scene.

In 2019, we will be funneling our energy towards creating exactly that! You can follow along at to get all of the updates 🙂 

For all of you who participated in 2018, thank you!